Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs

Here's an article about a new book for young dinosaur enthusiasts: Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs, a pop-up dino book.
This book more than lives up to its rather grandiose subtitle as "The Definitive Pop-Up." That's right, a pop-up encyclopedia. It's an unusual combination of education and entertainment that offers a ton of clear information about dinosaurs along with detailed pop-ups of 35 -- yes, 35! -- different types of dinosaurs.

Open one of the book's six main two-page spreads and you'll suddenly see a mean-looking ankylosaurus pop up, ready to fight for food. Open another spread and a terrifying, sharp-toothed T. rex unfurls, looking awfully hungry. Each of these dinosaurs, like those featured in the other four main spreads, is surrounded by two or three small "books" of facts that readers can open to find more tiny pop-up dinosaurs.

The book is the creation of Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart. (...) For both men, creating "Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs" was a labor of love, a chance to build on the fascination with dinosaurs that each has harbored since childhood.

The article adds that the creators are already working on the 2nd Encyclopedia Prehistorica book, the topic of which will be sharks and sea monsters. The third book planned for the series will focus on "ancient mammals like woolly mammoths."

We saw Encyclopedia Prehistorica: Dinosaurs on our last trip to the local Books-A-Million, and when our 3-year-old laid eyes on it he immediately begged to take it home. The pop-ups really are incredible, by far the most intricate pop-up book I've seen. The dinosaurs really jump out at you... in more than one way.

Note: link to location to full version of first image; article source from second image.