Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Back to school reading

The Houston Chronicle suggests some new back to school titles for preschoolers & up:
Mr. Monkey's Classroom ($14.99), by Jiwon Oh. Older schoolmate Cat helps Mouse get ready for his first day of class. School is a bit scary, but Mouse makes it through the day — and the lunch line.

School ($15.99), by Emily Arnold McCully. Bitty, the little mouse who also starred in First Snow and Picnic, follows her brothers and sisters to school.

Brand-new Pencils, Brand-new Books($15.99), by Diane deGroat. The opossum with glasses begins the first-grade in this prequel to the Gilbert series.

Bunny School ($15.99), Rick Walton, illustrated by Paige Miglio. Bunnies go through a day at school, with show-and-tell, music time, recess, lunch and a field trip.

In Kindergarten Rocks (Harcourt, $15) by Katie Davis, a boy with going-to-kindergarten jitters learns about school from his sister — a third-grader.

Jan Ormerod, author of I Am Not Going to School Today!, lets youngsters see a school day through the eyes of an elephant. When an Elephant Comes to School (Scholastic, $16.95) suggests an elephant new to the class may be a bit shy and will welcome a friend to point out important things such as where lunch boxes are stored and how to find the restroom.

Slippers the puppy stows away in Laura's backpack for Slippers at School (Dutton, $12.99), by Andrew Clements with illustrations by Janie Bynum. The teachers and students spot Slippers, but he slips away and makes his way back to Laura.

P.S. Kelly from Big A, little a has posted links to several back to school reading lists. Check them out!

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