Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Daisy books

We love Daisy, the little yellow duck who is constantly forgetting herself and wandering away to play and explore. Jane Simmons, author and illustrator of the series, has done a beautiful job creating the world of this lovable little duckling, and capturing an innocence that endears Daisy to children and adults alike. Daisy's eager curiosity about the things around her sometimes get her into trouble, but who can blame her for wanting to chase butterflies (flutter, flutter) and frogs (bong, plop!) instead of keeping close to Mama Duck or going to bed? Simmons' illustrations are soft and full of color, and there is a simplicity to them that I adore. It's not that they are lacking in detail, but somehow even with the rich hues, the birds, bugs, and other critters that populate her stories, Daisy's energy and big feet take center stage.

On our most recent trip to the library, we borrowed Quack, Daisy, QUACK! in which Daisy and her little brother Pip spend the day with their mom visiting Aunt Lily. After scaring off everything fun to play with in their noisy exuberance, their Aunt decides to treat them to "a perfect place for being noisy." To Daisy and Pip's delight, it IS noisy, a whole pond full of ducks noisy. The two little ducks are encourgaed to make lots of noise and are rewarded with... bread! In all of the commotion, though, Daisy and Pip get separated from Mama Duck and Aunt Lily, and Pip pleads with Daisy to quack, which she eventually does with such gusto all of the ducks fall silent and she and Pip are reunited with Mama. We frequent a duck pond at a nearby park, and my son was delighted by this duck's perspective story starring his favorite little duck with big feet.

Oh, and if you have or know a little one who loves puzzles, snatch up a copy of Bouncy, Bouncy, Daisy while they're on clearance ($3.99) at Barnes & Noble. The story is a sort of combination of other Daisy books, but on each page there is a simple 4-piece puzzle built in. My son loves his.

Here's a list of other Daisy titles.