Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Why I haven't been around much lately

Or at least, one of the reasons:

I'm pregnant! And we got an official due date of October 20th just this morning. Hubby and I, we like fall babies.

Does anyone have any book recommendations for preparing children for the arrival of a little brother or sister? We have already been talking about this baby with big-brother-to-be, but books are another fun way to help him get the idea. I just don't know of any, and would greatly appreciate some suggestions.


purple_kangaroo said...

Woohoo! Congratulations! I'll have to see if I can remember some of the books we read with our girls.

Kelly said...

I love "Aren't You Lucky"? by Catherine Anholt. Lots of used copies on Amazon.
Big Congratulations

Camille said...

Aw...bless your heart...summer is coming here in the great state...stay in the AC and you will do ok.

congratulations...(BTW) no book can prepare a sibling (first born) for the crashing reality of a newcomer. after 3 days at home my oldest, then age 4, asked when we were taking the new sister back to the hospital. they are too funny.

storymom said...

Thanks everyone for the congrats. :)

Kelly--thanks, I'll check that one out. :)

Camille, our son was a November baby, so I've done the hot Texas summer pregnancy thing, and I am 100% prepared to divide my time between pools and the great (cool, air-conditioned) indoors this time around as well.

So far, our son claims he will help with the baby, despite my warnings that when we first bring him/her home, it will seem most like a crying blob. He is a really good helper, and usually when you give him a job he feels more included--but we'll see how it goes when baby is here, and here to stay. That's funny what yours said about wanting to take the new baby sister back, hehe. I'm guessing there was some disappointment when you explained about a hospital's "no returns or exchanges" policy? :D

Camille said...

The book I Wanna Iguana that I read this week to Kindergarten had the funniest line...Alex tells his mom that the pet iguana will be the brother he has always wanted. His mom writes back that he HAS a brother. The "money page" is where Alex writes back to his mom complaining that his brother is just a baby and all he does is cry and "poop." The P-word gets them every time.

Anonymous said...

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