Friday, January 06, 2006

Read and read more

Jumping on the book list bandwagon, I posted lists of my own 2005 reads and 2006 reading goals to my non kid-lit weblog, because, as I was compiling them, I thought there might end up being more "grown-up" titles than juvenile/young adult. There weren't (well, of course there weren't!), but they're staying put anyway.


Jen Robinson said...

Hi Jamie,
Thanks for posting your book lists. You actually inspired me to take a site where I've been maintaining lists of books that I have read, and want to read, and make the site public. I got some ideas from your 2006 list, too. Thanks!

Camille said...

Hey Jamie,
I am reading your other blog and was struck by the idea of keeping a list of the books I read. We had a family friend who kept notebooks where she listed each book she read. She had over 60 years worth of note books. Keeping a log on the computer does not take up so much space but it is not nearly as impressive.

I think I will do this in 2006.

storymom said...

Jen--hey, great blog! I'm so glad you posted, as I love a new children's book blog to add to my bookmarks (and links!) And wow, you have some serious lists going, very ambitious. :)

Camille--What a nead idea. How many notebooks did she fill (or has filled to date)... do you know? I'd be curious. The computer sure is convenient, but a stack of notebooks seems more personal somehow. Maybe I'll start doing that myself; I have a whole bunch of blank journals, empty thanks to (what else?) the computer--I was never very good about keeping a journal on paper because I could type much faster than write and my thoughts would get ahead of me.