Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Katy and Katrina

So far, I haven't posted on the tragedy that left the Gulf Coast--and so many lives--in shambles. But I can't help but notice the good that has come from the bad, and I wanted to share just one link that testifies to this locally, even though it has nothing to do with children's books.

Amidst the devatstating loss of home and life caused by Katrina, I have been greatly encouraged by the tangible hope that is a result of people pulling together to help one another. Help has come locally, nationally, and the world around. Here in Katy (West Houston), folks offering assistance in the form of money, donations, prayers, and even their homes are not in short supply. This weblog touches on just some of the stories of generosity and help Houstonians have shown to our neighbors in need.

Over the past week I have felt an upsurge of pride, not just at being a Houstonian, but an American. Whatever our detractors may say to the contrary, America is a people with a heart for people; A beautitful truth that shines even brighter in times of national crisis, when in so many ways things couldn't look worse. And that, I believe, is the real test of an individual (or entire country's) character--a positive repsonse in the face of overwhemling, unimaginable, and horrifying circumstances. As a country, we certainly have our share of problems to overcome. But as a nation, there is something to be said for the fact that by and large, we are, indeed, united.