Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gobble, gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoys good food, good company, and the (year-long) blessings that God has given us, so many of which are above and beyond what are really needs in our lives. In the sprit of giving thanks, here is a gratitude-inspiring selection for the young:

My Book of Thanks, written by B.G. Hennessey and illustrated by Hiroe Nakata. The author writes that she believes prayers should begin with "Thank you, God," and end with "Help me," and that is the simple--but perfectly suited--pattern for each prayer in this book. The pages feature short, sweet, prayers of thanks, alongside cheerful watercolor illustrations that convey lots of movement and life.(The illustrations are darling and, truth be told, what prompted me to slide the book off the shelf and take a peek.) Perfect for a wiggly audience with short attention spans.