Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Little Pea

There are a couple of funny books I've wanted to mention for a while, but haven't found the time to write up. I'm going to try to get to them today, starting with:

Little Pea, by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and illustrated by Jen Corace

This is a humorous take on a child's reluctance to eat what is on their dinner plate. In the case of Little Pea, his repulsion lies with the Pea family's main staple: candy. Unfortunately, he has no choice but to eat a certain number of bites each night at dinner if he wants dessert. Dessert, as it turns out, is part of what makes this little tale so amusing. My son found the whole thing pretty hilarious, particularly when Little Pea is choking down each bite with exaggerated facial expressions and noises of disgust. After all, what kid can't relate to being unjustly forced to eat some appalingly good-for-you food at the dinner table? The illustrations are simplistic, charming, and full of expression. Jen Corace did well in bringing a pea to life believably.

Overall, a very enjoyable read.

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